Originally from Detroit, the first music group to influence Xero's artistry was the all-female trio TLC, which included a rapper who would become his favorite rap artist, Lisa “Left-Eye” Lopez. TLC was only the first of many to inspire him; as he began discovering and playing music, his influences expanded to be great artist like: 2 Pac Shakur, Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Zedd, SZA, Lyrica Anderson, Kendrick Lamar, Gucci Mane, and King Foxx.
It was not until the age of twelve when he noticed his ability to rap, and now the echoes of the past reverberate through his witty, youthful rhymes. As he has grown older, he has gained the practice of incorporating his heart and his life’s experiences into his lyrics, enabling listeners to better relate to the stories and emotions expressed through his lines.
Xero feels that a career in music is the only profession he desires. As he grows and mature, he continues to prepare and improve himself as an artist by solidifying the style that fits him better than any other. While he possesses an amazing love for music and his talent in the art, he has also obtained a great deal of knowledge on the business side of the music industry through marketing and performing; he wishes to be a part of the business aspect as well as the art itself. Xero chose to strengthen his skill in the business aspect by pursuing his college degree. His love for writing music never left throughout his academic progress. After passing such a milestone in his life, he decided to get back in the studio. Now he is back with his latest work called Talk Dirty. The release date is November 25th, 2017, which is also his birthday. You can find it on all major music streaming ma
rkets. Click the link to listen to Xero's debut EP Talk Dirty!